Handmade Florals

Handmade paper flowers can mix with fresh flowers and foliage, and also offer alternative color and design options that you probably won't find at your local florist. Plus you don't have to choose from seasonally appropriate varieties only, you can have your favorite flowers to enjoy year round. 

Paper florals are long lasting and easy to care for; they require no water, don't ever wilt, have zero allergens, and can be tailored to your style. Choose to use exclusively paper flowers or add them to any fresh cut arrangement. You will have precious keepsakes long after the living flowers fade. Perfect for so many reasons and every occasion because custom handmade paper florals are cherished forever as beautiful reminders of special moments in your life. They are sure to delight!

Interested in learning how to make paper flowers? Have a group of friends who want to make it a party? Creative minds in the Metro Detroit area ready to learn the ins and outs of paper florals, contact us today to book the DIY party you have been looking for.

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