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Marie brings the paper flower experience to you with a unique DIY event!


Learn to make paper flowers that stand the test of time and begin to create your own beautiful handmade gardens at home. Creative minds will be guided through the techniques of creating paper flowers from start to finish. You will be amazed at how life-like your first paper flowers will look and you’ll want to share the love with all your friends. Learn how to book an incredible event for your guests today! Click below.

Find links to my favorite books, floral inspiration, crepe paper resources, and more toward the bottom of the page.


Watch the video below to see Marie’s process for creating lifelike crepe paper Dahlias. You can even follow along and DIY at home with tissue paper if you are feeling inspired!

Follow along with Marie from Paper Petaler as she creates a realistic looking crepe paper Dahlia. Fine crepe paper, hot glue and wire are simple means to provide beautiful ends. I hope you enjoy this DIY tutorial. Leave questions in the comments!


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