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Paper Florals

HandMade in MIchigan


rare Flowers for The curious at heart

A whole bouquet of paper flowers, a single stem in a paper bottle, wedding flowers and way more. You could always add paper flowers to a fresh cut arrangement or bouquet. Enjoy long lasting reminders after the living flowers fade. Perfect for any occasion and made just for you. They are sure to be bold and delight those you love!


Individual Blooms

View our single stems and build your own bouquet full of your favorite blooms.

We are working on our Shop Items, More Paper Flowers coming soon!


Stem Wrapped Arrangements

Choose from our collection of handmade floral compositions. These timeless designs are sure to elevate your space and put a smile on your face.

The stems will be wrapped so that you can seperate the flowers in the future if you choose to create new color stories and alternate the spaces you display them. Paper flowers are simply eternal!


Wedding & Events

Starting to plan a big day and need some help with florals that won’t wilt or cause allergies? Let’s work together to create the paper flowers of your dreams. Extra large flowers for whimsy, a stunning bridal bouquet, out of season varieties and more. Get in contact with Marie so you can discuss all the options available and for some really great ideas for your upcoming event.

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— Steve Jobs

 Located in Dearborn Michigan

Metro Detroit Delivery Available!